For many businesses, hydroforming is the way to

by:JPSK     2020-08-20

The method of Hydroforming metal and sheet hydroforming was first invented back in the early 1950s so that businesses would have a inexpensive way to manufacture small quantities of drawn parts or parts that have asymmetrical or irregular formations that make stamping too difficult. All types of metal that is able to go through the process of cold forming can also be hydroformed. This includes high strength alloys, aluminum, brass, carbon, copper and stainless steel.

Hydroforming aluminum or any other type of metal works by using a hydroforming press that operates similar to the way a male and female die element would work. The pressurized forming chamber of oil, rubber diaphragm and wear pad all come together to form a metal blank into whatever shape the company desires. And since the forming method is constructed out of rubber, the metal blank may be formed with no scratches, saving both time and money on resurfacing and polishing.

There are many advantages to choosing hydroforming over other types of metal forming processes. You get to benefit from reduced development costs as well as inexpensive tooling costs and a faster set up time. The complex parts that are used with multiple press cycles in other types of operations can be combined to be used in a single form using a hydroforming cycle. The hydroforming process typically outputs reductions of 60% to 70% while conventional matched die presses only output 35% to 45%. And the costs will end up saving your business a substantial amount of money as well because there is very little need for any finishing such as polishing or buffing to be done on parts that were manufactured by hydroforming. This process is able to provide you with a better quality product in half the time and for less money, so it is no wonder why so many businesses are turning to hydroforming for all their metal pressing or forming needs.

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