Features of CNC bus processing machine control

by:JPSK     2021-06-07
The CNC bus processing machine is mainly aimed at making punching, forming, stretching, trimming, fine blanking, riveting and extrusion parts through the mold, and is widely used in various fields such as electronics, communications, home appliances, and transportation. Now let's talk about the characteristics of CNC bus processing machine control.  1. Inching when adjusting the mold.    The CNC bus processing machine needs to be inching when adjusting the mold. That is to say, the clutch is constantly engaged and disconnected, which will cause frequent loading and unloading of the motor. At this time, the current control ability of the inverter is good, and it is required to quickly suppress the current to ensure that overcurrent protection does not occur. 2. When the punching sudden load CNC bus processing machine is working, there are at least three working points: (1) past the top dead center; (2) past the bottom dead center; (3) when touching the workpiece when punching; the inverter is in the process of working When the load changes suddenly, the current suppression ability is guaranteed when the load changes suddenly. 3. The problem of the dead point of the crank connecting rod mechanism CNC bus processing machine usually adopts the crank connecting rod mechanism to convert the rotary motion into reciprocating motion, and the crank connecting rod mechanism has a dead point (both'top dead center' and ' Bottom dead center'), during the whole movement cycle, the load changes are uneven, showing periodic fluctuations. 4. When some workpieces are stamped, the problem of low-speed operation. Automatic continuous CNC bus processing machine, because there is a manipulator involved in reclaiming and feeding, the higher the speed, the better, but in some cases, the CNC bus processing machine is required to have a relatively good The low-speed characteristics. Regarding the frequency converter, whether it is high or low speed, the frequency converter is required to have enough torque output, and the speed adjustment range should be wide.
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