Fax machines are an important part of many businesses

by:JPSK     2020-04-28
Understanding Online Fax A standard fax machine is connected to a network via a standard copper telephone line. Documents are broken down into bits of information-similar to a voice signal-and are sent over this network from one fax machine to another. The machines are able to decipher the information and produce a facsimile which is printed out on one or more pieces of paper. Sending an online fax is much quicker as the information is transmitted over the internet instead of a traditional copper wire. Documents can be sent and received with lightning speed, increasing worker productivity and eliminating some of the frustration associated with waiting on traditional methods. Desktop Interface While sending a traditional fax involves leaving the office or desk with a piece of paper, walking to the location of the fax machine, waiting until other users have finished and then manually dialing in the telephone numbers of the recipients, this is not the case when choosing to send fax online. The streamlined process is quick and easy and requires nothing more than a few clicks of the mouse. The interface associated with the program is very simple to use and anyone can become a pro in a matter of moments. A document that needs to be sent in a hurry will certainly arrive at its destination much more quickly with a virtual fax system. Constant Reliability Anyone who has ever used a fax machine with any consistency understands that these machines are far from reliable. They can run out of paper or ink, resulting in missing documents or those that are difficult, if not impossible, to read. When companies choose to send fax online instead, they can count on the reliability of the system. Fax recipients will receive instant notifications that a new document has arrived and they can even choose to view it on their computer screens for even faster access. For even greater peace of mind, notifications are also available indicating when a sent fax has been received by the intended recipient. Save Money Aside from providing reliability, peace of mind and improvements in workplace productivity, there is a financial benefit associated with the choice to send fax online. The cost of supplies is negated since the need for separate fax paper and toner is gone. Increased productivity means that employees can do more with their time, leading to fewer overtime hours and reductions in the need to hire additional staff. Finally, fax machine maintenance calls are a thing of the past as all of the processing is handled by back-end servers. The final product is delivered electronically via the internet instead of directly to a secondary piece of equipment. Companies that are focused on providing excellent customer service and ensuring that all of their documents are sent and received correctly should consider a virtual phone service that will allow them to send fax online. This way, there is less frustration, more money and a better sense of professionalism.
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