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ELECRAMA, India's New Delhi Power and Energy Exhibition


ELECRAMA, India's New Delhi Power and Energy Exhibition, was held in New Delhi, India in 2018. ELECRAMA is the showcase of the Indian electrical industry ecosystem and the largest gathering place for the power sector ecosystem in the geography field. ELECRAMA brings together solutions for powering the planet. Not only with equipment and technology, but also with an excellent platform for thought leadership.

Exhibition site

Jinan JingPeng CNC Machinery Co.,Ltd. went to India to participate in the exhibition, and brought a CNC double-decker busbar processing machine. During the exhibition, it received  rave reviews. At the end of the exhibition, the prototype was successfully sold.

Our booth

Client consulting products

The product was successfully sold and signed a contract

ELECRAMA, New Delhi's Electric Power and Energy Exhibition, is organized by the Indian Electrical and Electronics Manufacturers' Association. The exhibition is a biennial event. It is also a very important platform for companies to open up the Indian market. The purpose of this exhibition is to broaden the scope. In foreign markets, it is not only necessary to make excellent products to lead in the country, but also to bring more first-class products to foreign people. We have met a lot of professionals at this exhibition, summed up a lot of experience in improving our products, and  our products will once again set a new height.

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