Dump trailers are a popular way for contractors

by:JPSK     2020-08-19

There are a wide variety of dump trailers to choose from in the marketplace. The following guide is designed to help consumers navigate the choices in dump trailer size, style, and function. We'll outline the different elements to be considered when purchasing a dump trailer and provide examples for each in order to assist in the researching phase of the purchase.

Size - This is going to be one of the first elements to consider when purchasing a new dump trailer. Size is one of the main characteristics that differentiates the various dump trailers. Size may be chosen depending on the application. A commercial farm operation may require a large deck-over tandem dually dump trailer (up to 8'x20' in size) while a golf course facility may need a smaller dump trailer to be able maneuver through smaller and more delicate pathways. The size of a dump trailer will also determine its weight capacity. So even though a golf course facility may need a smaller size dump trailer for maneuverability, they will also need to consider the weight of their haul and ensure that whatever size they choose can accommodate the weight of their estimated heaviest load.

Style - The dump trailer style needed will depend partly on the jobs that must be performed and partly on the vehicles doing the pulling. Dump trailers come in deck-over, lowrider, and gooseneck hitch styles. Deck-over dump trailers are designed so that the bed of the trailer sits over the tires. Lowrider profiles are designed with the wheels located outside of the box so that the trailer bed sits lower to the ground for easier loading and unloading. The gooseneck hitch accommodates vehicles with this kind of hitch capacity and are generally manufactured in larger sizes with bigger weight limits.

Function - All dump trailers have a dump function but they differ in how they perform that function. The most popular choice for most purposes is the electric hydraulic pump with remote capability. This provides the most ease-of-use and convenience. For a lower cost, there is an option for manual hydraulic dump trailers. These use hydraulic technology but without the electric, automated functionality. The decision to make here depends on the load capacity of a typical haul. Clearly the electric hydraulic trailer is going to be a better option for larger hauls but if cost is an issue and the projects tend to be smaller in size, scope, and load, then a manual hydraulic trailer might be a good choice.

This guide provides the key considerations for purchasing a new dump trailer. Analyzing the scope of the application in light of the options presented here is going to be your best start to choosing the product. Researching brands, manufacturers, sources, pick-up location, delivery options, and pricing are going to be the next steps in the process. These preliminary steps can actually be done online. Internet sources for trailers in general and dump trailers in particular have grown to meet the market demand and many are credible with quality products and stellar service. It's important to research company reviews, however, and interview past customers to ensure the good reputation of the trailer company you choose online.

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