Die protection system in high speed metal stampings

by:JPSK     2020-05-17
A mis-feed pilot is used in most of the tool shops for tool protection since the last four decades. Today, many conventional tool shops are still using it. The micro switch connected to the machine e-stop. The micro switch cut off the power supply and eventually stops the machine when the pilot activated the micro switch when misfeed is detected. This method usually applied to low speed conventional stamping with 50-100 spm. In today market, stamping machines are running in much more faster speed. Misfeed pilot is no longer sufficient in die protection. Double hit, slug up and strip buckle is no way to be detected by this method. A Photoelectric fork light sensor is commonly used for reel to reel high speed stamping industry. This fork sensor is a through-beam photosensor with a pre-aligned emitter and receiver permanently housed in a U shaped cast metal case. The sensor is installed either within the tool or at the end of the tool, to detect either a hole or the edge of the strip, it is programmable to count number of passes during one machine cycle according to number of out the tool is running. The counting is done during the feeding of stock material before the punching stroke take place. Electronic signal will pass to the controller to stop the machine when the actual counting does not match the pre-set number. As such, misfeed can be detected immediately before the punching ram is actually descended down. It is a great way to detect misfeed in the high speed stamping environment. However, this method is not able to detect slug up and broken punch effectively. Another type of die protection system is widely used in the Precision metal stamping industry industry, a sensor is mounted at the die plate or spring stripper to monitors the gap between the stripper and die surface. This gap can be as fine as .00004 inches (1/1000mm), By monitoring these subtle deviations in stripper position or die height, it can detects misfeeds, pulled slugs, double hits or other abnormal conditions. The protection system can be applied to any stamping operation with speeds up to 2500 machine cycles per minute (SPM). Once the machine is at production speed, the upper and lower limits are automatically adjusted based on your stamping process. Unfortunately, the detection will happen always after the punch and die is in contact. In short, damages had already done to the tool. The combination of both methods in one tool is advisable for die protection in the high speed stamping industry. Check out useful recommendations in the sphere of web traffic - make sure to read this webpage. The times have come when proper metal stamping information is truly only one click away, use this chance.
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