Design features of bus processing machine

by:JPSK     2021-05-31
The busbar machine is easy to use, and the production efficiency is significantly higher than that of traditional busbar processing equipment. The working stroke of each unit can be conveniently adjusted, reducing processing auxiliary time and improving production efficiency. Here to share with you the design features of the bus processing machine. Design features of the bus processing machine: The overall shape is bright and colorful, the surface is painted, and the phosphoric acid skin mold is rust-proofed, which is abrasion-resistant and impact-resistant. The four-way valve control switch accurately guides and correctly uses the position of the punching machine, the bending tool, and the cutting tool. The safe and firm foot switch of the electric pump can control the oil intake and return. It is designed with a copper chip integrated bag and an open mouth chip outlet, and the sliding ladder type can concentrate the cut and threaded copper chips, so that it will not be scattered everywhere and messy. The bottom of the bus processing machine is equipped with a pulley, and a foot switch is installed on the pulley, so that the operator can move to the work site and fix the product. For the convenience of the operator, a tool cabinet is added to the design of the busbar processing machine to facilitate the storage of tools and avoid misplacement and loss of tools. The working stations of the machine can work at the same time without affecting each other, which improves work efficiency.
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