Correct use of busbar bending machine

by:JPSK     2021-05-30
The busbar machine has five processing units: shearing, punching, large bending, and small bending. The main function is to process copper and aluminum busbars of different specifications. You can easily and quickly treat copper, The aluminum bar is subjected to various processing such as shearing, punching, flat bending, vertical bending, embossing, flattening, twisting, and pressing cable joints. So do you know how to use the busbar bending machine? The editor will take everyone to find out. 1. Before operating the busbar bending machine, check the oil level first. If the oil level is lower than the warning line, lubricate the moving parts. Start the oil pump and observe whether the direction of rotation of the oil pump matches the direction indicated on the nameplate of the oil pump. Let the oil pump run dry for two minutes before starting to work. 2. The use of the busbar bending machine must be managed by a special person, and the operator is familiar with the safe operation rules of the busbar machine. When making the busbar, the bending force should be selected according to the different busbar specifications and uses according to the 'bending force selection table'. In the case of meeting the purpose, try to choose a small bending force, because the bending force is large, the busbar will be damaged when the busbar is made. 3. When processing the bus, pay attention to the direction and position of the bus to prevent the bus from hurting the human body during the processing. 4. When increasing the working bending force of the busbar bending machine equipment, pay attention to that the oil pressure of the system should not exceed 20Mpa, otherwise the equipment will be damaged. 5. When installing the mold on the bending machine, the mold should be aligned, and the nut should be tightened where the screw is fastened. When removing the mold, pay attention to the movable part of the mold to prevent loosening.
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