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Company team lunch


The company booked the bus in advance, and everyone set off together.

During the journey, Mr Liang and Mrs Yan sang and did some small games. The happy time is always short, and soon we reached our destination.

An hour later arrived at the traditional commune canteen.

The commune canteen is a traditional restaurant in China in the 70s and 80s. The most classic dish in China: BBQ

A restaurant of great historical significance, thanks to the company's careful choice.


We processed the ingredients ourselves, half an hour later, the processing is completed, the chef processed the ingredients, and then we enjoyed the fruits of our labor.

After dinner, everyone actively participated in team games. Have a very pleasant afternoon.


Through this activity, the distance between employees will be shortened, team friendships will be deepened, team cohesion will be enhanced, everyone will be better relaxed after the intense work, and employees will be more passionately involved in the next work.


Looking forward to the next team dinner.

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