Common faults of the main shaft system of the busbar processing machine

by:JPSK     2021-06-04
Busbar processing machine is a kind of machine used to process metal. It is also a relatively precise equipment in electrical equipment. Each system adopts linkage and cooperation. Any problem with any component will make the equipment unable to process the coil normally. So, what are the common faults of the main shaft system of the bus processing machine? Let me talk about it in detail below. 1. Common faults of bus processing machines caused by winding loads. The main reasons for these faults are electrical and mechanical faults caused by long-term use of heavy loads by users. Different types of bus machines can The processing load it bears is different, and the range of use specified by the equipment should not be exceeded during processing operations. 2. It is the fault caused by the mechanical transmission parts. The mechanical parts are the main executive parts of the bus machine. The mechanical parts have been in a worn state during the effective use. In the main shaft system, the bearings, transmission teeth, and belts are all possible failures. s reason.  3. The failure is caused by the linkage control of the overall system. In the composition of the automatic bus machine, the entire system adopts linkage control, and the spindle system will also fail due to other components.   During the use of the bus processing machine, everyone should pay special attention to avoid the above situations. At the same time, pay attention to the maintenance of the bus processing machine.
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