Choosing the right cleaning solution for use in

by:JPSK     2020-04-22
Water on its own is not considered adequate for use in ultrasonic machines, as it has none of the relevant reactive properties. The right chemical formula, however, works with the ultrasonic activity to break down the soilage and grease build ups on the items in the machine. The best ultrasonic cleaning solutions have a very complex chemical make up, including many different ingredients, each of which contribute to the eventual success of the process. Many ultrasonic products are available as economically compact concentrates which need to be made up to a specific concentration in order to operate successfully. While some products are manufactured for specific models of machines, many of the available cleaning solutions are flexible and can be used on any ultrasonic machine. Most products are only capable of solving one type of maintenance challenge, however. These include the specific treatment of various metals such as steel alloys, copper and stainless steels. When choosing between different metal appropriate ultrasonic supplies, look out for those products that are biodegradable and free of phosphates and caustic substances. Products labelled heavy duty are usually able to handle a wide range of different items, although if you usually only need to treat lightly soiled items, less intense formulations should work just as well. Make sure that you choose cleaning solutions which can handle a large variety of soils, such as oil, bodily fluids and natural contaminants, and are capable of emulsification, so that your items will remain unsoiled. Many of the same specifications apply to choosing products for use with electrical items. Ultrasonic machines are often used during the production process for electrical products, and it is important to use maintenance products that will remove all residue contaminants such as oils, rosins and fluxes to ensure that the appliance, machine or toy is in the best condition possible at the point of leaving the factory.
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