Busbar machine short-circuit calculation function

by:JPSK     2021-05-26
The commonly used calculation method for busbar machine short-circuit calculation is the impedance matrix method, and uses the principle of superposition, so that the network status after the short circuit u003d the fault component status of the network before the short circuit. The voltage value of the fault component of each node can be obtained by using the impedance matrix again, and the voltage value of the node after the short-circuit fault is obtained by adding the voltage before the node failure. The editor today introduces to you that the function of busbar machine short-circuit calculation is to verify the mechanical and thermal stability of electrical equipment; to verify the breaking capacity of switches; to determine the fixed values u200bu200bof relay protection and safety automatic devices; to design and select the system Provide basis for electrical main wiring; Carry out fault analysis; Determine the electromagnetic interference of transmission lines to adjacent communication lines. Then, the current through each branch of the short-circuit fault can be obtained. The hoisting process of the busbar machine tube-shaped busbar. Technical measures for hoisting. Preparatory work before hoisting. Weld the tube mother according to the actual required length. The pipe mother is transported below the installation location, and sleepers are placed under the pipe mother to prevent the pipe mother from being scratched. After installing and correcting the insulators of the pipe mother column, the horizontal error and axis deviation of the top of the insulators on the same horizontal plane should not be greater than 5mm. Check that the surface of the pipe mother and the fittings are smooth and free of damage. The fittings should be free of cracks and corrosion. The anti-loose accessories are complete. Hoisting (suspension type tubular busbar hoisting) connect the pipe nut and the fittings together, install the equalizing ring, the equalizing ring is even and symmetrical, pay attention to the pipe mother's reinforced solder joints should be on the upper and lower sides, not on the side. Hang a pulley on the round pipe above each hanging point of the suspended suspension insulator on the beam, hang the U-shaped ring of the insulator string with 4 wire ropes, pass through the pulley, connect the wire ropes on the same side together, and then connect another one. A steel wire rope is connected with the motorized winch. When hoisting, the two winches are started at the same time, and the hoisting must be coordinated, and try to keep the pipe mother in a flat position during the hoisting process. If there is an isolating switch under the pipe mother, use two hemp ropes to tie the insulator string to the connection point of the pipe mother, and pull the pipe mother diagonally to avoid the isolating switch. After connecting the four insulator strings, measure the height of the pipe mother from the ground. If the requirements are not met, adjust the turnbuckle screws to meet the requirements. Safety precautions When hoisting, a special person must be designated to direct the actions. The four insulator strings should be hoisted at the same time when hoisting. The commander should use the whistle and flag to command, so that the construction personnel can clearly command the signal. Check the safety of pulleys and wire ropes before hoisting. No one should stand under the pipe nut and inside the corner of the wire rope during the hoisting process. High-altitude workers wear safety helmets, safety belts, and soft-soled shoes to prevent falling objects and falling from high altitudes. When transporting the pipe nut, the stress points should be evenly distributed to prevent the pipe nut from deforming. The mobile winch should be operated by experienced workers. During the lifting process, the operator should pay attention to the commander's signal to stop and rise in time. If the motor-driven winch needs to use the equipment support as a ground cow, use a sack to protect the equipment support to prevent sharp zinc. The calculation of the busbar machine short circuit affects the operation result. At first, everyone may not care about the calculation error, but in fact it is not. The slightest error will affect the conclusion obtained.
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