Arc welding is an old welding process, but it

by:JPSK     2020-05-06
Power arc 160 is the power arc series with cc igbt inverter and it has the following features and benefits such as low power consumption with smooth and stable dc arc, high commercial duty cycle of 60% with 160 rated output dc amps @ 60% duty cycle. It is portable and designed in a most convenient way with shoulder carrying strap. You can start this welder easily with adaptive arc force control and it has easy hot start for reduced electrode sticking. It has a special port called 6010 port for enhanced arc constancy when welding with E 6010 electrodes. Digital display is its specialty and it has digital display for exact current setting and also it has dinse style connectors for easy connection. It is of infineon igbt inverter type and this machine requires an input voltage of 240 v with easy hot start. The recommended maximum electrode size for this machine is 5/32' and it is durable enough for everyday use with advanced technology and process. Portable Welding Repair, Home garage, Maintenance shop, Factory, Fabrication, Shipyard and Pipeline industries can use this welding machine. It is a general purpose machine that can be used for almost all situations of repair and fabrication. As like the above arc welder type, the arc welder power arc 200 have same features and benefits, but it also has some other extra features that is not present it power arc 160. The user can start this machine with three maximum start input amps such as 40A @ 220V, 38A @ 230V and 36A @ 240V and the maximum running amps for this welder is 32A @ 220V, 38A @ 230V and 36A @ 240V. 3/16' is the recommended maximum electrode size for this welder and it has 200 A rated output dc amps @60% duty cycle. As like the above one, it is also used typically used in the same industries. So these are the two different types of arc welders and the user can enjoy its features and benefits in a most efficient way. Use this machine as per your requirements and try to utilize its efficiency. Search for the best manufacturer's and get the best welding machines from them in an affordable price with quality, guarantee and warranty.
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