Analysis of surface quality maintenance of bus bar processing machine

by:JPSK     2021-06-01
When we process high hardness or some precision structure objects, we need to use a bus processing machine. Then, every time we use it, we need to maintain it. We also need to pay attention to some issues during use, such as the surface quality of the bus processing machine. How to maintain it? Please look at the following 5 points. 1. Surface protection must be carried out during processing to avoid damage to the surface; the assembler must wear gloves when installing to prevent fingerprints and stains on the surface.     2. The copper busbars should be made of high-quality materials, with few surface defects and uniform color 3. Copper busbars After straightening, the curvature of the wide side of the copper busbar is not more than 2mm per meter, and the curvature of the narrow side is not more than 3mm per meter.   4. After the copper bar is bent, there should be no obvious cracks at the corners.   5. In the case of wrong hole punching, fill the same size copper material at the position of the round hole for repair.
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