Although the production value of China machine

by:JPSK     2020-08-16

The rate of machine tool that South Korea exports to China reaches 43%, Korean enterprise hope to further expand the market share. In 2010, South Korea machine tool industry presents a restorative growth, and the industry scale hit a record high. According to the date from Gardner Publications Inc, the production scale of South Korea metal processing machine tool reaches $4.49 billion and the fifth position. The export is seventh, the import is fourth, and consumption is fourth for $4.26 billion. This shows that South Korea has become an important part of the world's machine tool market.

According to the analysis of KOMMA, South Korea machine tool industry can recover from the financial crisis so quickly, it has two reasons. On the one hand, it benefits from the rapid recovery of domestic demand enterprise, such as automobile, electronics and general mechanical enterprise. On the other hand, the Asian market, including China, and South America and so on emerging market maintained a sustained growth momentum. And this benefits South Korea. Since 2002, China has become South Korea machine's largest export market for 9 years. In 2010, the top three of the Korean machine export category were CNC machining, machining center and press machine. China is the largest importer of these three machine tool products. Now South Korea machine tool manufacturers have said that they would develop new products to meet the need of Chinese, in order to expand the market share in China.

China machine tool industry has been developing for 60 years, but overall, it is just big but not strong. The CNC lathes and CNC machining products of South Korea is a little superior than China's products. At this point, the CNC lathes of Chinese manufacturers has given priority to economy, their added value is very low.

Of course, Chinese enterprises have their unique advantages. They have many years experience in traditional machine tool production and deep production foundation. Besides this, their financing channels are extensive, and they are able to absorbing and digesting foreign advanced technology by acquisition and holding.

Now it is still a unknown number that who can develop CNC machining industry better.

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