Advantages of multi-function bus processing machine

by:JPSK     2021-06-10
The multi-function bus processing machine is mainly used in the manufacturing industries of high and low voltage switch cabinets, complete sets of electrical transmission and distribution and transformers, and is used to process various specifications of copper and aluminum bus bars. The so-called multi-function bus processing machine is equipped with three working units of punching, cutting and folding, and can punch, cut, and bend the busbars separately or at the same time through the foot switch or manual switch. The operation is simple, and ordinary skilled workers can easily use the operation. It is an indispensable ideal equipment for the bus processing industry. Today we will take a look at the advantages of the multi-function bus processing machine. 1. It is designed with a copper chip integrated bag and an open mouth chip outlet, and the sliding ladder type can collect the cut and threaded copper chips, so that it will not be scattered everywhere and messy. 2. The overall shape is bright in color, the surface is painted, and the phosphoric acid skin mold is anti-rust treatment, which is abrasion and impact resistance. 3. The plate seat can be adjusted directly by hand, which can provide long and short size standards and unified control specifications. 4. The four-way valve control switch guide, correctly use the punching machine, curved plate tool, and cutting tool position. 5. The safe and firm foot switch can control the oil intake and return. 6. The work surface with mirror surface treatment, the desktop is ground and chrome-plated, showing a stable work surface. The above is about the advantages of the multi-function bus processing machine. The multifunctional bus processing machine has high flexibility, small size and strong functions, and extremely high production capacity and work efficiency. Low noise and harmless, the processed products are beautiful and will not cause pollution to the working environment.
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