Acceptance inspection of busbar machine

by:JPSK     2021-05-27
Everyone may know about the use of the bus machine, but there is another problem that we need to solve by ourselves. At this time, although the manufacturer will give some suggestions, it still checks it by ourselves, that is, the acceptance test of the bus machine. Let’s take a look at the acceptance test of the busbar machine:    1. Idling operation, running for about 30 minutes under no-load conditions, check that there should be no obvious temperature rise in the bearing parts and sliding parts, and the high and low speed of the test equipment during the idling operation. And whether the execution of various actions is good.   Detect the position accuracy when parking when crossing the slot, and at the same time check whether the brake is effective, whether the tensioner and the thread roller in the thread threading device are smooth and smooth.  2. Visual inspection and measurement. You can observe the appearance of the equipment and whether the various configurations are complete during the assembly process of the equipment. Check the contact condition and smoothness of the various sliding parts during the assembly process.  Using testing tools to measure the coaxiality of various shafts and sleeve holes, check the lubrication conditions of various related action parts, and it should be stable, reliable, and free of obstruction. 3. The busbar machine needs to run with wire after idling operation. During the ribboning process, check whether the number of winding coils is accurate and whether the movement of the wire arrangement device is smooth and correct. Visually inspect the wound coils against the set process. Whether it is flat and compact, and whether the insulation layer of the enameled wire is good.   The acceptance and inspection of the bus machine must not be judged based on your own experience. In this way, the details of the equipment can not be found. If you want to check the acceptance of the bus machine, you can do it according to the above steps.   The above is the acceptance test method of the bus machine, if you need it, you can contact us!
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