A machine process that involves rapid succession

by:JPSK     2020-08-14

In plain technical terms metal stamping is an industrial process that involves stamping and shaping designs on metal sheets or surfaces. Machine press processes can be majorly categorized into two main segments i.e. dies and punches. While a die is a metallic formation which is used as a molded tool on the machine's table. It forms the design which is being embossed on the metal sheet. A punch on the other side is a steel tool which is also shaped into a certain design to stamp but create much smaller punches. A punch is capable of clearing space between the die and the punch.

Various industries majorly including automotive sector, aeronautical industry, infrastructure development companies, electrical and electronic goods manufacturers, food and beverage industry, to army or military machine manufacturers, almost every industry involves processes of that requiring casting metal shapes and structures. Some of the common applications of these processes involve producing sheet metal machines, car or automobile parts, aerosol spray cans, food & cola cans, pots and pans, to producing heavy duty army tanks or casting bodies of fighter air crafts.

A metal sheet alloy is embossed on the equipment tool using dies and hydraulic machines to cast the design. Various type of metals like steel, aluminum, zinc, nickel, bronze, copper and other alloy metals are used in metal inscribing. For mass production and multi-level metal inscribing, various machine parts must work simultaneously. A number of techniques are applied to accomplish specific jobs in machine pressing that varies according to the type of design that are being punched into the sheet metal including techniques like progressive die stamping and deep-drawn stamping and many other techniques.

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